BJP tweet campaign is not just about Modi

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As the election approaches its finale, the Twitter war between BJP and Congress is also dwindling down. In this report, we analyzed the tweet mentions of top leaders within Congress and BJP in order to understand the role of leaders other than Mr Modi or Mr Rahul in the political campaign. BJP president Amit Shah was surprisingly visible in the BJP tweets, with his name appearing in 30% of the total tweets. Mrs Priyanka Gandhi was also fairly visible, despite her late entrance to the politics.

Scions of India’s most powerful Gandhi family dominant even on Twitter

In the current Lok Sabha elections Congress has stepped up its presence on social media as the number of tweets mentioning Congress is comparable with that of BJP. With the polling in several phases underway, we see that the political war on Twitter is starting to decline (for more click here). Mr Gandhi’s name appeared in almost all the tweets of Congress. Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has been actively participating in this election and after her entry on twitter (February 11, 2019) we see around 15% of her name mentioned in total Congress tweets. Front runner Mr. Randeep Singh Surjewala (spokesperson of Congress) who likes to take on BJP and Mrs. Priyanka Chaturvedi (former spokesperson of Congress) who has just joined Shivsena (a regional Hindu party) remains in the 3rd and 4th position respectively in the number of tweets mention for Congress from mid-Feb to mid-April 2019.

Note: The data has been extracted from Twitter API

Retweet and likes count of Mr. Rahul Gandhi and other top Congress leaders 

Note: The total number of tweets extracted is 2,313,198

There is more than just Mr. Modi’s Twitter persona in BJP’s social media political campaign

Note: The above graph shows the number of times the top leaders have been mentioned within the Tweets mentioning BJP since February 14, 2019. The data has been extracted from Twitter API.

In the BJP’s tweets, Mr Narendra Modi’s name has a mention of close to 99% of the time. The mentions of leaders such as Party President Mr Amit Shah and Hindu talisman Mr Yogi Aditya Nath (current Chief Minister of UP) have a significantly higher presence than leaders from the Congress party excluding Mr Rahul Gandhi. Mr Shah’s name appeared close to 30% of total BJP tweets, which shows that BJP’s campaign on Twitter is not just Modi centric, but other leaders are contributing to their esteemed campaign.

Retweets and likes count of Mr. Modi and other top BJP leaders 

Note: The total number of tweets extracted is 2,370,134.


With the increase in the use of social media for political campaigning, our findings show that, the BJP’s campaign is multi polar as other leaders were mentioned more frequently than Congress leaders. Within the Congress party only the Gandhi family excluding Mrs Sonia Gandhi have been mentioned more on Twitter.