September 20 2017

Rural Fridge Ownership by States

Published by MOSPI. Updated till 2011.

Recent data trend

Judging by all India figures, fridge ownership in 2011 for urban areas-44.77% and rural areas-18.98%, the number of households using a refrigerator is low. Poor per-capita income, weather conditions and a dearth of electricity supply in most of the areas except for the major metropolitan cities are few of the major reasons for this low rate of ownership. Even though the ownership is low in the country, it has risen over the years. In 2004-05, rural ownership was 6.49% and urban ownership of refrigerators was 22.22%. The ownership rates also vary hugely across states. Goa has the highest ownership rates, both in urban and rural areas, rural ownership- 74.38%, urban ownership-80.84%. Other states like Punjab, Haryana, Kerala also have higher than average rates of ownership. States like Bihar, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh have an extremely low rate of refrigerator ownership in both rural and urban areas.

Owning a refrigerator can depend upon various factors out of which disposable income of the household and weather of the area are the major ones. We can safely assume the income of a household is an important factor while purchasing consumer durables. Most of the times higher income translates to ownership of durable goods. States with higher income generally tend to have better ownership rates than the states with lower income. Another important factor influencing ownership of refrigerators is the weather of the state. Many states in northern and north-eastern India are hilly or mountainous with very cold weather conditions. In these places owning a fridge is not necessary and ownership rates can be low due to this factor. In Goa, refrigerator ownership rates are highest for urban and rural and that can be explained by the very high level of per-capita income of the state compared to other regions and also the extremely hot and humid weather conditions. 
Looking at state-wise data, ownership rates have risen significantly over the years. In Kerala and Haryana, ownership has almost doubled between 1999 and 2011 in the urban areas whereas in the rural area the ownership of refrigerators has more than tripled.

Brief overview

Fridge Ownership by States data represents the percentage of the population, both rural and urban, who have reported possession of a refrigerator in their households. The data-set has been compiled from Household Consumer Expenditure Surveys conducted across the country by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), under the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MOSPI). These largescale sample surveys are undertaken as per different yearly “Rounds” specified by the Central Government. Each Round of NSS consists of detailed break-up of household (rural and urban) expenditure on both food and non-food items.

Our data comprises of three such rounds: 61st Round (2004-05), 66th Round (2009-10) and 68th Round (2011-12). For 66th and 68th Round, data is available for all 29 states. The missing data points for states prior to bifurcation have been estimated using our own calculation.

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