Unemployment Rate of India

Truth had to come out :India's unemployment data casts shadow over its leader's re-election.

Note: The year in the graph, for instance, 1978 represents the period Jul'1977- Jun'1978. The quinquennial unemployment data has been obtained from previous rounds of NSS surveys, NSS-EUS 2011 and Periodic Labour Force Survey, May 2019. 

Unemployment Rate- ILO

Published yearly by the International Labour Organisation. Updated till 2016.

Brief Overview

India's Unemployment rate data in this page is sourced from the International Labor Organization(ILO). The data is published on a yearly basis by ILO. The unemployment rate is the percentage of the labour force who are unemployed and are actively looking for employment for the past four weeks. In India, unemployment is one of the biggest problems plaguing the economy. A lot of skilled and unskilled resources are unutilized due to lack of employment.

Increasing employment has been one of the main objectives of the governments. Programs like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme(MGNREGA) guarantees employment to rural workers for 100 days in a year. There are also web portals, employment exchange to make communication between employers and job seekers easier and efficient. 

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