COVID-19 State-wise Positivity Rate

The rising test positivity rate in Delhi indicates no efforts to ramp up testing.

Note: Positivity rate is the proportion of people who tested positive of all those tested. We calculated it as "7-day average daily new test positive" divided by "7-day average daily new test volume".

Recent Data Trend

With the number of new infections soaring in India, the total confirmed cases have now crossed the 400,000 mark. India's average daily positivity rate has been rising consistently and reached 8.2% as of June 21. The positivity rate is the percentage of tests that are turning out to be positive for COVID-19.

Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat, with a two-digit positivity rate, top the list of COVID-19 worst-hit states. As India started gradually relaxing the lockdown restrictions, Delhi, with 59,746 total confirmed cases as of June 21, started to witness a huge spike in COVID-19 cases and a rising trend in terms of test positivity rate since early June. It surpassed Maharashtra in terms of the positivity rate in June and showed a rate of more than 30% from June 13 to June 19. While it started to show a downward shift since June 19, it continues to have the highest positivity rate in India, with 23.4% as of June 21.

This high positivity rate suggests that Delhi isn't testing enough people or testing only those who are more likely to have an infection. A downtrend in tests per positive case, from 14 on May 20th to 6 as of June 21st, also reflects this. Even, the seven-day average of daily tests went down from 6,540 on June 3 to 5,011 on June 12 in Delhi, indicating the need to increase the number of tests.