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India's second-wave of Covid-19 situation continues to worsen offering no signs of respite.

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India has been witnessing an excruciating time as COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on the country. The rate of COVID-19 infection is rising rapidly, with daily case counts seeing new high every other day. After surpassing UK, India became the fourth country to be worst hit by COVID-19 in the world and is about to reach the 300,000 mark soon. Its death toll stands at 8,478 as of June 11.

The COVID-19 situation seemed well within the control when the country went into complete lockdown during the early stages of infection in March-end. However, despite the nationwide lockdown, the country started to show an alarming rise in the number of COVID-19 cases since early May.

The spread of the virus has been varied across the country. The top five states- Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh-alone, contribute more than 70% to the total COVID-19 confirmed cases in India. With 97,648 cases as of June 11, Maharashtra continues to be the epicentre of COVID-19 in India and has now reported more cases than all of China. The other hotspot states, such as Tamil Nadu with 38,716 cases and Delhi with 34,687 cases, are not far away and growing at break-neck speed. In particular, Delhi, with a recovery rate of about 37%, lower than the national average of about 50%, has the potential to become the country's most active COVID-19 epicentre.

As all Indian states have started to ease economic restrictions due to the severe economic cost of social distancing, the coming few weeks will be a critical test of the state's ability to bend their COVID-19 curve.

On the positive side, India's recovery rate of about 50% (1,46,982 recoveries) as of June 11, 2020 and a low death-to-cases ratio (mortaility rate) of about 3% gives India some hope.


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