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The official Indian macroeconomic data is spread over many government websites in an unstructured format. Indian economy has always faced a problem of inadequacy of structured and "easy to use" accessible data. We (IMA) feel that an economy should have an open data policy where the data should be easily available. We believe that the access to data should not just be available to corporates, researchers or policy makers, but for everyone.

We aim to provide well-structured interactive online database portal for the Indian economy along with a concise and insightful analysis on the data. This would facilitate research across various sectors of the Indian economy. We hope such open and easy access to data would lead to a better understanding of the Indian economy among the general public, businesses, researchers and help them make better and informed decisions.

Our competitors may include various incumbent database companies and other economic analysis web-platforms. However, we distinguish ourselves from the other players by providing data in a more accessible and easy to understand structure through the use of our charts and various other user-friendly features. Additionally, our motto is make IMA an effective portal for anybody to understand, learn and know about the Indian economy. Building a comprehensive dataset is the first step towards that goal followed by a concise and easy to understand analysis.

India Macro Advisors (IMA) is a privately owned affiliate of the "Japan Macro Advisors" (JMA) group.

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Monali Samaddar

Associate Economist

Prior to joining IMA, she worked with the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation in 2015, on various surveys related to macroeconomic aggregates. She holds a B.Sc degree in Economics from University of Burdwan, West Bengal and a post graduate degree in Economics from University of Mumbai. Apart from work, she enjoys hiking, playing badminton and is an avid reader.


Kausani Basak

Associate Economist

Before joining IMA she worked in Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata with the Social Informatics Research Group on the project Social Inclusion through Digital Inclusion. She holds a B.Sc(H) degree in Economics from Calcutta University and a post graduate degree in Economics from Jadavpur University. Apart from work, she has a keen interest in food, reading and world politics.


Naman Mishra

Associate Economist

Prior to joining IMA, he has worked as a Research Analyst at Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. He has worked on the project concerning Macroeconomic Aspects of GST at CESP, SSS-II, JNU. He holds a B.A(H) in Economics from Delhi University. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. Apart from work, he has an interest in chess, philosophy and spirituality. He keeps a concern on how can economics really ascertain human well-being in an economy.


Takuji Okubo

Managing Director and Chief Economist

Prior to founding IMA, he worked as Chief Economist for Societe Generale in Tokyo, covering the Japanese and South Korean economy. His previous positions includes Senior Economist at Merrill Lynch and at Goldman Sachs. Apart from work, he enjoys motor-cycling, scuba-diving, cooking as well as worrying about the future of the Japanese economy. Takuji holds B.A in Economics from Tokyo University, MBA from INSEAD and post graduate degrees in Economics from UPF in Barcelona.